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Check Your Air Filter At First After Buying A New Used Car

Check Your Air Filter At First After Buying A New Used Car
When you buy from a reliable dealer selling used cars, then you should know whether the air filter has been checked. In fact, reputable used car dealers will check a number of things on the car before ever putting it on the lot for sale. Things like the lights, air conditioning, belts and oil are checked to insure you are getting a car that is ready to drive home safely and comfortably.
Once you get your "new" used car home though, it's important to do a few checks of your own just to be certain your vehicle is in good condition and to learn where the components are that will need regular maintenance from this point forward.
If you have purchased used cars in Belton, TX before then you know the importance of learning how to do basic regular maintenance. For example, the tires need to be kept properly inflated and the turn signals must be working at all times. One of the simple things you can do to keep your engine running efficiently is checking the air filter.
The air filter is stored inside a cold air collector box in most vehicles unless the car or truck is older. The cold air collector box has a large air intake hose attached to it, and inside the box you will find the air filter. That simple air filter is essential to the health of your engine.
In most cases, the filter will be a pleated paper, gauze or cotton filter. When you pull it out of the collector box, just hold it up to the light. If the light is blocked, your air filter needs to either be cleaned or replaced. One thing you can count on with a reputable dealer making auto sales in Belton, TX is that the filter has actually been replaced and not just vacuumed.
The air filter does exactly what it sounds like � it filters dust particles so they don't clog your engine. Most air filters should be replaced at least once a year unless you live in a very dusty locale like the deserts of Texas. In that case, you should regularly check and shake off your air filter and actually replace it approximately every 5,000 miles.
We would probably be amazed if we knew how many people are driving around with the wrong size air filter or a dirty clogged filter. The wrong size filter means dirt and dust may reach the combustion chamber. A dirty air filter will prevent the engine from being able to intake enough air into the combustion chambers. The car will run very rough and can lose power in either case.
It's surprising how important that pleated air filter is to the engine. When you buy one of the used cars in Belton, TX, the dealer will replace the filter because of its importance to the smooth running of the engine. A clogged filter can not only make an engine run rough; it can actually stop the car from running!

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